TopicHow to clear trash folder in yahoo mail?

  • Fri 31st Jul 2020 - 12:07pm

    The yahoo mail trash folder is very easy to clear for that the user should open the trash folder in the given in the left column on the yahoo mail user interface there the user should click on the trash icon after that should confirm the action, if still needed then for further information the user should take help from the trained yahoo experts they are available for the service of the users at yahoo support number UK.

  • Sat 12th Sep 2020 - 4:08am

    Clearing your trash folder in yahoo mail is very easy. It is like clearing your recycle bin on your Windows 10 PC. Just right click on it and click clear trash and confirm. It's that easy. I wonder why people still having a hard time doing this. By the way, you don't need to call any Yahoo customer support to do this. You can do it on your own. Why people are addicted to this game AOV -- cheats, hacks and download? This is the question I keep asking myself.

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